Booking and Prices


Thank you for booking Flutterby Faces for your event! Below you’ll see our typical prices for events. Please submit the form below for a quote for your particular event. I will respond fast!

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  • All events are  $80 per hour* 2 hour minimum, Includes jewels and balloon twisting upon request. 1 hour parties available for $100, and best for up to 10 people. 
  • Two professional artists- $150 per hour*. Includes balloon twisting upon request! Recommended for high volume events. 2 hour minimum.
  • To help you plan, please note:  Around 12 people can typically be painted per hour. For balloon twisting, please factor in an extra 1/2 hour for every 12 people. If balloons are requested, they will be offered to kids after face painting.
  • Special services offered include- Bling bar (just jewels and festival glitter), Black light face painting (great for adult events, bar mitzvah, etc), arm painting (graffitti arms and floral designs), theme parties. Balloon twisting only is also available.

*(holiday prices may vary, prices are subject to change without notice)

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For quick questions, you may email us at:

Call or text (919)322-9214