Booking and Prices


Thank you for booking Flutterby Faces for your event! Below you’ll see our typical prices for events. Please submit the form below to book your event!


  • All events and services for 1 artist are priced $100 for the 1st hour and $80 for every hour after. Includes jewels and balloon twisting upon request and if time allows. 
  • Two professional artists- $160 per hour*. Includes balloon twisting upon request! Recommended for high volume events. 2 hour minimum.
  • To help you plan, please note:  Around 12 people can typically be painted per hour. For balloon twisting, please factor in an extra 1/2 hour for every 12 people. If balloons are requested, they will be offered to kids after face painting, and only if time allows.
  • Special services offered 

*(holiday prices may vary, prices are subject to change)

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For quick questions, you may email us at:

Call or text (919)322-9214