Quality and removal


Why hire a professional face painter for your Raleigh event? So you can get your face painted using professional face paint! We use high quality, non toxic, hypoallergenic, FDA approved face paint and cosmeticĀ glitter. All paints are hypoallergenic, but we do recommend doing an allergy test first if you have sensitive skin.

Our paints are very safe. They have agents in them that help prevent the spread of bacteria. To further ensure safety, we only use new sponges on the eye area andĀ  q-tips on the mouth. Everything is sanitized after an event. We never paint on areas near cuts, sores, infections or on people who are sick.

Quality face painting in the Triangle area.


Professional face paint is best removed gently with mild soap and warm water. My favorite method is to use a facial cleanser, work into a lather, and then rinse with water. Baby wipes also work in a pinch. Whatever you do, be gentle, as harsh scrubbing can cause redness. If a color appears to “stain” on your skin, you can remove that with a skin safe oil such as baby oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil. Residue from gemstones can be removed with oil as well.